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Terms & Conditions

Registration & Bidding

If you intend to participate in bidding during the sale, we ask that you please complete a client registration form. Full address and contact details will be taken. We will retain one section, and you keep the larger paddle number.  This enables us to process your payment invoice more efficiently when the sale is completed. Please clearly show this number to the Auctioneers clerk if you are successful. This records your bid and the purchase (hammer) price. All information is held on our secure server, and you can indicate if you wish to receive future sale notifications.You can also indicate whether you wish us to contact you for a home visit or valuation request, if you are considering entering items into one of our future sales.


Telephone Bidding

Any requests for a live telephone bidding facility during the auction may be permitted, subject to the approval of the Auctioneer. Telephone bids will not be approved for lots with a lower estimate of £100. Telephone bidding clerks will be available during the sale to carry out such requests, providing the instructions have been given to us in writing at least 24 hours before the start of a sale. Late requests are much less likely to be approved as our sales will be publicised on two worldwide Antiques information websites approximately 21 days before a sale. All telephone bidders to be bound by our conditions of sale, and will pay the published Buyer's Premium of 15% on top of the hammer price. Clients that are unknown to us and not on our database may be asked to leave credit card details with us, should they be successful, as is the practice in Salerooms worldwide. We will telephone you approximately 5 lots before your lot comes up, and if the bidding has passed your limit, please let the clerk know. Please do not phone us during the sale if you are expecting a telephone call, as it tends to fill the lines up. Channel Islands Auctions Ltd. will not be held responsible for failure to contact you due to telecommunication issues beyond out control. Please always leave a land line contact number as well as a mobile if possible.


Absentee/Commission Bidding

Should a client be interested in a single or multiple lots, and is unable to attend the auction, we will accept written commission bids, provided they comply with our conditions of sale, which will be published in the catalogue and on display in the saleroom during the viewing. Commission bid forms will be available on request at the sale during the times of viewing, or on our website. Alternatively, bids may be emailed or telephoned in by 9am on the day of sale. We reserve the right not to accept telephoned in commission bids if they are not confirmed by email or in writing. Bidders unknown to us and not on our client database may be requested to agree payment terms prior to the bid being accepted by the Auctioneer. This may apply especially to overseas buyers who are not on our database. All commission bidders will be expected to give full address and contact details, including  mobile telephone and email details, and will be contacted approximately one hour after the end of the sale, should they be successful with their bids on the day. All commission bids should be with us by 9am on the day of sale. Any bids sent in later than that time may not be approved and therefore are not guaranteed to be accepted and acted upon. Any bids that fall outside of our published increments will be rounded down to the nearest amount. Bids 'TO BUY' will not be accepted. Please leave us your maximum bid, and we try and buy for less if we can. Lots will be purchased as cheaply as possible against bidding in the room or by the Auctioneer or any other agent bidding on behalf of another client. In the rare case of two identical  commission bids being received on the same lot by us, the earliest received bid will take precedence. If you wish to leave a slight increase on a written bid, should the bid fall on the wrong increment, please indicate you instruction by adding +1. All successful bids will be subject to the published buyers premium being added to the hammer price. All clients who leave commission bids will be bound by and should comply with our terms and conditions of sale, especially regarding payment and clearance of any purchased lots.


Payments and Clearance

We do not permit payments and clearance of purchased lots whilst the sale is in progress. After the sale has finished, please present your or paddle/bidders number to the cashiers, who will prepare your invoices as soon as is possible. All purchased lots to be subject to the buyers premium rate which will be printed in the catalogue and on display in the room during the viewing. All lots to be paid for and cleared within 24 hours of the auction. Overseas bidders who wish to have items stored and later shipped should speak to Norman Wilkinson to arrange this. If you can not get through by telephone, simply send us an email with your instructions or ask for a quote and we will endeavour to find the safest and most cost effective way of getting your purchase to you. Guernsey is well served by a number of reputable removal and courier companies, and we will put you in touch with our recommended couriers, or arrange packing and postage if appropriate. There will be a charge for such services, however we will keep these charges to a minimum. Please check the catalogues and saleroom notices, as to what times we will close the venue and what times we will be in attendance during the following day. Items not collected within the published times will go into a secure storage facility of our choice and charges may be applied for such a service, as is the case with salerooms worldwide. Payments can be made by sterling cash or cheque with a supported card for bidders unknown to us. We do accept some credit cards, however they attract a 2% bank charge which we must pass on to the buyer at the time of processing your payment. If you are unsure, please ask.We do not accept American Express cards.We also accept payments by bank transfer, bank details are availible on request - please include Invoice and client numbers as a reference. Buyers Premium is 15%.

Online Vehicle Registration Numbers Auction

Please see below to download the Terms & Conditions relating to Online Vehicle Registration Number Auctions.

Tel: +44 (0) 1481 722 972 / Mob: +44 (0) 7781 113 463

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